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This page will grow over time, but my initial purpose of this site is to provide a (hopefully) unique perspective into engineering and technology which comes from my past experience and my adventures as a gigging musician.  There will be my personal projects, discussions on new tech products, and anything else I find interesting that fits into these categories.


In case you were looking through the site wondering where the Navy pictures are, here are a few.

This was my first submarine, the USS Georgia SSGN 729 (It was SSBN 729 when I got there).  It went through the conversion to become a guided missile delivery platform, prior to that it contained ICBMs.  They say these boats are like floating hotels, but after 3 months without surfacing it’s definitely more of a Motel 6 than a Hilton.



Here’s the view you’d have if you were standing on the deck.  Not a view everyone gets to see in their life.




The second ship I worked on was the USS Helena (SSN 725)



Unfortunately, no photography is allowed on the inside, so if you really want to see what it looks like, I recommend filling out an application here:

Here’s me in uniform, I hid it at the bottom of the page but it seems that you are persistent.