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Universal Robots

Universal Robots

I’ve recently had the opportunity to spend a large amount of time with a robotic arm manufactured by Universal Robots.  This company is spearheading a growing class of robotics called “collaborative.”

I was immediately struck by how easy it was to program.  I had the robot performing an automated task in under 10 minutes.  I’ve had several occasions to write out code for more tradition motion control applications, and the comparative ease of programming the UR was a very welcome surprise.

I’ve had the robot performing tasks as simple as pointing toward our doorbell for visitors, and as complex as driving a pattern of screws.

It seems like the true Universal Robots niche is for any project which requires automation that can change on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  It would be cost prohibitive to hire an engineering firm once a month to reprogram all of a manufacturers robotic cells, but with the UR the factory line workers could perform all of the reprogramming themselves.

Add in the amazing safety features that come with the collaborative robot class and there is a real winner here for industries that have held off on automating their manufacturing until now.

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